The 1,400 lb TUNA in the tank!


It’s the BIG FISH in marketing and sales automation.

It’s already  huge in the USA and gaining a lot of traction here in the UK.

It’s got it all:

  • Automated and adaptive process flow
  • Logic-based FLOWCHART  following – based on how recipients interact with your outbound pieces
  • Automated LEAD SCORING so your sales people can follow up the warmest leads

It’s extremely feature-rich and flexible and powerful but this means that some people find it COMPLEX.

Some people even call it CONFUSIONsoft!

How Get Bigger Fish! helps you with Infusionsoft

We can help with the following

  • Initial consultancy – Is Infusionsoft right for you? Are you right for Infusionsoft?
  • Installation and Campaign design and set up
  • Looking after your Infusionsoft for you – taking care of its daily needs and optimising, tweaking and reporting the results directly to you
  • Helping you move away from Infusionsoft if that’s what you decide to do. We can make sure that the data you export contains all the valuable business intelligence (tags, campaigns, history etc) you have built up over your time as an infusionsoft user



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